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Aug 20, 2004 ICSmith enters FattieSumo, a Large Hover with a little thrust and a lot of brakes. It does well at stopping before the exiting the edge, but doesn't stand up to the concentrated push of the top level pucks. At the lower end, it travels near the edges and gives the other rovers opportunities for a quick pushout. FattieSumo ranks in at 9th out of 12.

Jun 18, 2003 battleTanker enters Sumo_Shover which ranks in at 9th.

May 26, 2001 Russell updated LonsomeDog in Sumo Hover (and is still the leader).

May 14, 2001 Russell wrestles the lead away from Rollin in Sumo Hover with a new rover, LonsomeDog.

Apr 23, 2001 Rollin keeps the lead in Sumo Hover with Sumo Charge by fending off Russell's new TurboDogII.

Apr 20, 2001 Rollin's Sumo_Shove takes first in the Sumo Hover contest.

Apr 13, 2001 Two more rovers in Sumo Hover, both did quite well, but Sticky Bit v2 still hangs on to the lead.

Apr 10, 2001 Sumo Hover has a new rover and results.

Apr 7, 2001 A new rover and results in Sumo Hover.

Apr 3, 2001 The Sumo Hover contest is now open (also in sports). For the first go-round, LuckyDog edges out a lead. However, mostly everyone tied each other :) You'll also note that I've decided to not put any limits on the number of brakes you can stack on your hover. However, as the first round of results indicates, not getting pushed out is not going to make you a winner. If one of the rovers had managed to push it's opponent out 3 times, and got pushed out itself the other 3, it would be #1 right now. So I'm thinking that aggressiveness will win out over defensiveness... enter any contest, send your rover to sord {AT} battlespot {DOT} com